Where it started...

AC Security Solutions (ACSS) Ltd was born out of the spin off of Patria's Advanced Communication Software department. This unit of EADS's Finnish subsidiary was focusing on advanced data communication software and systems for military uses including wireless router and camera systems. Its technologies were in particular used in under sea research systems and the satellite programme of the European Space Agency (ESA).






A decorated past...

Awarded ‘Best Design Award’ at CeBIT 2002 following the launch of the 1st Bluetooth camera developed in a partnership based on joint wireless Bluetooth research and experience with Nokia and Ericsson.



Into the taxi market...

Based on the original Bluetooth technology, a tamper proof vehicle CCTV system is specifically developed for the taxi market across Finland and Scandinavia. The technology achieved the ‘Security Product of the Year Award’ for its outstanding success. 


taxi safety systems.



 ACSS is Born...

Following on the Scandinavian success, this camera system is introduced to the taxi and other markets in the UK and Ireland. ACSS is then set up in London to help commercialise these technologies and know-how to the UK market.



Into the UK taxi market...

ACSS camera systems are first to be approved by the Public Carriage Office (PCO) for use in London taxis. An extensive campaign of demonstration and testing is then started resulting in gaining approval for the system from well over 40 local authorities throughout the UK. 


taxicab telematics.




30 Years of experience...

ACSS acquires JM Communications (JMC) Ltd and Pageantry Electronic Systems (PES) Ltd bringing together 30 years of experience in technology based services to the UK transport industry, including Real Time Passenger Information Systems (RTPI), as well as working relationships with major transport operators across the UK and Europe.

 Gaining momentum...

A strong foothold is established in the UK & Ireland taxi markets. 600 taxis installed with a Bluetooth camera system in a major Dublin taxi operator, and approval obtained from over 40 local authorities across the UK for CCTV systems in taxis.


taxi telematics.


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AdvancedVision is launched...

Strategic direction changes with a focus on launch of AdvancedVision multi camera recording systems and driving aids for the UK hauliers and commercial vehicle market.




Expanding our horizons...

As our capabilities widen with our growing knowledge and experience, ACSS expands our focus to encompass multiple sectors of the transport industry to increase our scope of opportunity – Construction, Waste Management, Bus & Coach, Emergency Services, Light Commercial Vehicles.


Construction Industry Vehicle Safety.



Building relationships...

Relationships are developed with several industry associations: CLOCS, FORS and Cross-rail – illustrating our commitment to enhancing vehicle safety as well as strengthening our company appeal.




Industry leading technology...

Introduction of IP camera range to product portfolio putting our solutions ahead of many of our competitors in terms of quality & technology.


ip cameras for fleet operators.


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Entering a new market...

Development and launch of our new AdvancedFleet tracking & telematics suite for vehicle fleet management applications.

Official launch...

Official launch of AdvancedFleet Telematics, including brand new CANbus reporting system, secure transport technology and tachograph integration