We enhance the safety and security of your vehicles with our high performance Vehicle CCTV AdvancedVision multi-camera recording systems and driving aids.

Specialising in the development, installation and maintenance of fully integrated, bespoke vehicle CCTV solutions. We pride ourselves on our keen sense of strategic direction and knowing what you, the customer, needs.

From our extensive commercial vehicle industry knowledge, plus strong relationships with long-term clients, we know the issues fleet operators are faced with:

  • Insurance premiums are on the rise
  • Theft and vandalism of company assets is sky rocketing
  • Industry Compliance and standards schemes are constantly changing
  • Poor driving and driver behaviour is costing businesses thousands
  • Increasing pressure to reduce the overall running costs of a fleet without disrupting or regressing operations

With over 30-years’ experience in the vehicle CCTV market, we are able to develop solutions for any requirements. From basic side view and reversing camera driving aids through to complex 720p high definition multi-camera recording systems with vehicle safety accessories – proximity sensors and audible left hand turn and reverse warning speakers – as well as tracking and live view remote management capabilities.

vehicle cctv handbook

vehicle cctv insurance premiums

Reduced Insurance Premiums 

With evidence to support investigation and claims, your vehicle cctv system can help you reduce your insurance premium by exonerating your drivers and vehicles from blame.

vehicle cctv protectionProtection of Company Assets

External vehicle cctv cameras act as the perfect deterrent against the theft and vandalism of company assets.

vehicle cctv saves time

Saving Valuable Time 

With indisputable evidence from your vehicle cctv system, you will be able to settle incident investigation much quicker and for a fraction of the price.

vehicle cctv reduced accidents

Reduced Accident Frequency 

With the added safety and security that is brought to your vehicles with an AdvancedVision vehicle cctv system, you will experience a significant reduction in the number of accidents involving your vehicles. 

Improved Driving & Driver Behaviour vehicle cctv driver behaviour

The use of vehicle CCTV cameras is proven to improve driving performance and driver behaviour as their actions are being monitored.

vehicle cctv evidence trainingEvidence Based Driver Training 

Footage from your vehicle cctv system can be used for continuous driver performance improvement through evidence based training.

vehicle cctv peace of mind

Vehicle CCTV Adds Peace of Mind

The added safety and security that your vehicle cctv system provides will give you and your drivers the peace of mind necessary to perform at the highest level.

vehicle cctv savings

Substantial Savings 

With a short pay back period, an AdvancedVision vehicle cctv solution can provide you with considerable savings across your fleet through reduced premiums, improved driving and eliminating false injury and overtime claims.





Keeping your drivers and vehicles safe and secure, Ceiba II has impressive functionality including the following features: real-time preview, multi -vehicle monitoring, video playback, cutting and downloading as well as evidence management, auto download, basic data management and an alarm centre amongst many more.


vehicle cctv devices

vehicle cctv M1 DVR

ACM1-HD Mobile DVR

5 Channel HD 720p MDVR
  • 4 Channel AHD + 1 Channel IP
  • SD Card storage max. 256GB
  • 360 degree anti-vibration technology


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vehicle cctv X1 DVR

ACX1-HD Mobile DVR

5 Channel HD 720p MDVR
  • 4 Channel AHD + 1 Channel IP
  • Hard Disk Drive storage max. 2TB
  • 360 degree anti-vibration technology


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vehicle cctv X5 DVR

ACX5-HD Mobile DVR

12 Channel HD 720p MDVR
  • 8 Channel AHD + 4 Channel IP
  • Hard Disk Drive storage max. 2TB
  • 360 degree anti-vibration technology


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Our Vehicle CCTV Clients

  • Atlas Bulk Carriers - Vehicle CCTV Client
  • City Lifting - Vehicle CCTV Client
  • DAF Trucks - Vehicle CCTV Client
  • Powerday - Vehicle CCTV Client

What our clients say

"ACSS’ AdvancedVision vehicle cctv system has allowed us to Operate on the Crossrail Project, which has significantly improved our company appeal. We have also found that it has reaped other benefits, including reduced insurance premiums and improved Driver behaviour.”

Bill Buckley - Transport Manager - City Lifting Ltd